The Community Water Management Project  

The Community Water Management Project

         Since 2016, the Thai Roong Ruang Manufacturing (Phetchabun) has been working in collaboration with the Hydro Informatics Institute (Public Organization) or HII on The Community Water Management Project to encourage and support community-based water resource management in the communities of Wichian Buri, Phetchabun, with a focus on using scientific knowledge and water balance data to plan water management and ensure that there is sufficient water available throughout the year.

Because the area of Sap Sombun Subdistrict is outside of the irrigation zone, villagers rely on rainwater and creek water. Also, Sap Sombun is an upstream area with Sakae Canal running from Ban Pang Chang, Sap Noi to Phu Toei, Wichian Buri, and has various sub-canals that connect to Sakae Canal. The majority of the villagers in the area do farming, but the canal is shallow; hence, during dry seasons, villagers are unable to store water, whereas during the rainy seasons, runoffs flood a large area of agricultural land but unable to flow into the public pool to be stored for people to use. Therefore, this project was implemented in 2022 to develop and restore the original water source in order to ease the drought and flooding problems and provide a reserve of water for consumption and agriculture for the communities to develop in a robust and sustainable manner.

In 2022, three semi-permanent weirs were constructed as follows

                        2 Overflow Weir, Moo 4, Ban Khao Khad

                        1 Overflow Weir, Moo 10, Ban Saeng Manee

These weirs have the potential to increase agricultural water reserves by over 44,685 cubic meters during the dry season, directly benefiting 13,526 rai and 1,834 households in Moo 4, Ban Khao Khad, Moo 6, Ban Nong Chok, and Moo 10, Ban Sangmanee.

Water Management 

  Water is an essential input for farming, therefore we have organized water management system to prevent flood and drought in the community.  Using science and technology, we have executed sustainable water management system for the community.