Our Heritage

Providing Sweetness Since 1945

     Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group, founded by Mr. Suree Asdathorn on May 7, 1945, proudly stands as Thailand’s first privately-owned sugar factory. Our origins trace back to the challenging post-World War II era, a time when Thailand faced a critical sugar shortage. Recognizing the need, the government encouraged private initiatives to build sugar factories.

Amidst these times, Mr. Suree Asdathorn, widely known as “Thoukae Lin,” emerged as a visionary. Confronted with the high costs of importing production machinery, he ingeniously applied his mechanical expertise to locally produce and assemble key components of sugar manufacturing machines. His innovative approach, bypassing the need for expensive imported parts, was not only a triumph of ingenuity but also a crucial step in ensuring our continuous and successful operation.

Today, Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group has grown to be one of Asia’s leading sugar producers and exporters. Our journey, rooted in resilience and innovation, has seen us expand to operate six state-of-the-art sugar production facilities. Our history is not just a tale of overcoming adversity – it’s a story of setting new standards in the sugar industry and continuously evolving to meet the sweet needs of the future.

       Established on 7 May 1945 by Mr.Suree Asdathorn, Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group is Thailand ‘s first private sugar factory, commencing its early operation since post-World War second. At that time, Thailand had suffered a severe crisis of sugar shortage. So the government supported a policy to encourage private sector to establish the sugar cane factory. However, the cost to secure the production machinery was too high since it relied on overseas import. Mr. Suree Asdathorn or better known as “Thoukae Lin” who was then an expert on mechanics had applied his skills in mechanism of iron-lathing to produce and assemble various components of locally unavailable and costly sugar producing machines. His production did not rely on any imported machinery components, and this enabled continuous operations, which result in a great success.

       So far, Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group is recognized as one of the largest sugar producer and exporter with an extensive and impeccable experience in the industry for a long period of time. At present, we operate six sugar producing factories.

A Message from Our Chairwoman

“Integrity and Excellence: Our Timeless Commitment”

At Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group, our pledge has always been clear: to conduct our business with the utmost integrity and to consistently deliver high-quality products. This commitment has been our guiding principle for over 75 years.

Our journey is marked by a steadfast dedication to transparency and ethical practices, not just within our company but in every interaction with our stakeholders. This includes our valued sugarcane farmers, trusted business partners, loyal consumers, hardworking employees, and all relevant parties. We take immense pride in cultivating an environment of morality and fairness, always striving to uphold the highest standards of product quality. Our focus is not just on meeting today’s needs but also on innovating for tomorrow’s challenges.

I am profoundly grateful to our management team and all our employees, whose dedication to integrity and quality resonates in every aspect of our work. My heartfelt thanks also go out to our business partners and stakeholders, whose unwavering support has been pivotal in our success. Together, we have created a community where mutual respect and understanding flourish, and where each member takes pride in being part of Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group.

As we look to the future, let’s continue to support and inspire each other, celebrating every step of our collective growth.


With sincere appreciation,

Mrs. Chanida Asdathorn
Chairwoman, Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group

Message from Chairwoman

“Our commitment from generation to generation is to operate the business with integrity and deliver high quality products”

For more than 75 years, Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group have been committed to operate with integrity and transparency with all our stakeholders, including sugarcane farmers, business partners, consumers, employees, and relevant parties.  We highly value our parts in continuing to grow our business with morality, fairness, whilst maintaining products quality and positioned ourselves to meet the challenges of the future with product innovation. We will continue to respect and understand all our stakeholders and strive to make our employees proud to be part of the company.  I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the management and all employees for your commitment “to operate the business with integrity and deliver high quality products”.  Further, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to our business partners as well as all our stakeholders for always go above and beyond to support Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group.  Let’s continue to root for each other and watch each other grow.  

Mrs. Chanida Asdathorn
Chairwoman, Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group

Mr. Chana Asdathorn
Managing Director

Thai Roong Ruang Corporation Limited

Mr. Nutthapol Asadathorn
Managing Director

Thai Roong Ruang Industry Co., Ltd. (TRR)

Mr. Charn Chanvipava
Managing Director

Phitsanulok Sugar Co., Ltd. (PS)

Mr. Thitikorn Asdathorn
Managing Director

The Cholburi Sugar & Trading Corp., Ltd. (CST)