TRR Tower

TRR Tower: A Landmark of Elegance and Efficiency

Prime Location and Features

Strategic Positioning

TRR Tower, a striking 27-story high-rise, stands along Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra road, a location known for its accessibility and minimal traffic. Perfectly positioned to easily access Bangkok’s CBD and key areas like Sathorn Rd., Silom Rd., and Rama 3 Rd., it makes both entering the city center and traveling out of town effortless with easy access to Chalerm Maha Nakhon Toll way. 


Stunning Views and Modern Design

Lease spaces are available from the 12th to the 27th floor, each offering breathtaking views of the Chaophraya River. The building’s unique column-free design and soaring 3-meter ceilings create an open, airy feel. Its proximity to department stores and BRT Nararam 3 station adds to its convenience.


Details at a Glance

    • Height: 27 floors
    • Ceiling Height: 3 meters
    • Leasable Floors: 12th to 27th
    • Nearby Station: BRT Nararam 3

The high rise building

27 floors

Metres ceiling

3 metres

The leased space is available from

12th to 27th

Near the station

BRT Nararam 3


TRR Tower is the high rise building with 27 floors, located on Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra road. In addition, not much traffic on this road, easy to enter the CBD (Central Business District) area, and easy to go out of town. The building is close to Sathorn rd., Silom rd., Authority Port of Thailand, Rama 3 rd., and Industrial Ring Bridge. The leased space is available from 12th to 27th floor with stunning Chaophraya river view. Also, column-free design with 3 metres ceiling, with department store and BRT Nararam 3 station nearby.

The high rise building

27 floors

Metres ceiling

3 metres

The leased space is available from

12th to 27th

Near the station

BRT Nararam 3

Building Specifications

Legal and Structural Details

  • Ownership: Single Ownership
  • Completion: 4th quarter of 2020
  • Parking: Available on the 2nd to 9th Floor

Project Details

Legal Ownership 

Single Ownership 

Construction completed in 

4th quarter (2020) 

Parking lot

2nd – 9th Floor

Gross floor area 

36,798 sq.m. 

Total lettable area 

15,006 sq.m. 

Space and Amenities

  • Gross Floor Area: 36,798 sq.m.
  • Total Lettable Area: 15,006 sq.m.
  • Office Space: Available from 90 sq.m. to 1,000 sq.m. on floors 12 to 27
  • Retail and Co-working Space: Located on the ground floor
  • Advanced Features: Floor-to-ceiling windows at 3 meters (among the highest in Bangkok), core-to-window distance of 9-11 meters, high-quality curtain wall glass


Facilities and Services

  • Air Conditioning: Central Chilled Water System
  • Internet: Fiber optic connectivity
  • Common Areas: Pantry on each floor
  • Parking: 288 spaces with smooth entry and exit routes
  • Security: 24-hour monitoring with CCTV, access control, and smart visitor management

Premium Office


Office floor 12ᵗʰ – 27ᵗʰ floor.
Retail area, meeting point and Co-working space at G floor.
Lettable size available from 90 sq.m. up to 1,000 sq.m.

  • Typical floor plate approx. 1,000 sq.m
  • Column-free design
  • Floor-to-ceiling 3 m. *highest in BKK*
  • Core-to-window 9-11 m.
  • Curtain Wall with Low-E solar tinted heat strengthened laminated glass
  • A knock out panels per floor; max size of 3 m. x 2.6 m. Possibility of installing interior stairs within office for privacy


  • Central Chilled Water A/C
  • Fresh air delivered to each office floor AHU
  • Lighting avg 500 lux (desk level)
  • Fiber optic Internet/Telephone -UIH, Symphony, NT, TRUE
  • Common pantry provided each floor

Floor Plan

Additional Features

Elegant Lobby :

An extravagant lobby welcomes tenants and visitors alike, complete with reception and mail services.

Lifts and Accessibility :

  • Passenger Lifts: 6, with high-speed operation.
  • Service & Fireman Lift: 1, for efficient service and safety.
  • Car Park Lifts: 2, providing smooth access to parking areas.

Robust Security System :

  • Ensuring safety with 170 CCTV cameras, security guards, and high-tech access control systems.
  • State-of-the-art electronic smart destination control lifts for quick and efficient travel between floors.

Fire Protection :

  • Advanced sprinkler system and smoke detectors specifically designed for high-rise buildings.


Extravaganza and elegant lobby : with an impressive design, receptionists, and the mailbox size F14 envelope for all tenants

6 Passenger Lifts : Capacity 1,350 kg. per lift, speed 3.0 m/s. During rush hours, you don't have to wait long.

1 Service & Fireman Lift : Capacity 1,350 kg, speed 2.5 m/s

2 Car Park Lifts : PL1, PL2 Capacity 1,350 kg. per lift speed 1.75 m/s

Security system :

  • 24-hour monitoring of 170 CCTV cameras and security guards High security
  • Access control turnstiles automatic entrance/exit and state-of-the art electronic smart destination control lifts.
  • Smart visitor management system

Car parking : 288 ample parking spaces, smooth and efficient entry and exit routes.

Fire Protection : Sprinkler system and smoke detectors designed for high buildings"

Meeting Rooms and Conferences

  • Spacious meeting rooms available, ranging from 100 to 135 sq.m.
  • Suitable for online meetings, videoconferences, and live broadcasts.
  • Rental rates start at 1,500 baht per hour.
  • Rooms can be interconnected and are equipped with modern audio systems, projectors, and internet connectivity.

TRR Tower combines elegance with functionality, offering a prestigious address and state-of-the-art facilities for businesses and professionals.

Meeting rooms

Large meeting room size 135 sq.m. 2 rooms and size 100 sq.m. 1 room.
All three rooms can be connected to each other. Rental prices start at 1,500 baht per hour, including audio system, projector, internet, support for online meetings, videoconference, live broadcasts.

Nearby Amenities


ㆍSathorn Road

3.0 km

ㆍSilom Road

3.6 km

ㆍAsoke Road  

5.3 km


ㆍLiab Maenam entrance/exit

1.6 km

ㆍSathupradit entrance/exit

1.7 km

Mass transportation

ㆍBus routes

67, 77

ㆍNararam 3 BRT Station

0.2 km

ㆍChong Nonsri BRT Station

3.0 km

ㆍSukhumvit MRT Station

5.5 km


ㆍLotus Rama 3   

0.15 km

ㆍCentral Plaza Department Store (Rama 3)

1.0 km

ㆍMono Park

1.8 km

ㆍQueen Sirikit National Convention Center

4.0 km


ㆍMed Park Hospital

3.8 km

ㆍBNH Hospital

3.9 km

ㆍSaint Louis Hospital

3.6 km

ㆍBangkok Christian Hospital

4 km


TRR Property Company Limited

238 TRR Tower, Naradhiwat Rajanagarindra Road,
Chong Nonsi, Yannawa,

Bangkok 10120
GPS 13.697500, 100.543680

Leasing Department : +66 2294-5588 #1209
Property Management Office : +66 2294-6555