Sharing Smiles with Community Products Project

Sharing Smiles with Community Products Project

          The Kramsakon (Indigo) handkerchief, curated by local women’s group, marks the celebration of 2022 as Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group extends our heartfelt sincerity, building a bridge from our hearts to yours.

The Kramsakon handkerchief, a new year gift from Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group for 2022, sparks joy among producers, gift-givers, and recipients alike, instilling value in local products that carry the legacy of wisdom through generations. Each step, from spinning and dyeing to weaving, is processed with dedicated attention and care, culminating into a collection of handkerchiefs crafted from a natural recipe, free of any chemical processing.

Natural Indigo Dye

        An ideal Indigofera tinctoria (Indigo) tree ready for pruning and dye extraction should be 3-4 months old. Harvesting typically begins in the early morning before sunrise, followed by an overnight soak, where harvested indigo leaves are initially soaked for 10-12 hours, turned, and soaked again for another 10-12 hours. As the leaves dissolve and residue is strained, the water transforms into a clear, brilliant indigo blue dye.

Indigo-Dyed Cotton

          Creating indigo-dyed cotton is an intricate art requiring precision and care. To start, cotton is meticulously scoured, ensuring it is thoroughly cleaned and uniformly damp, as improperly scouring may lead to mottled or uneven coloration. Submerging the cotton into the dye bath and wringing out excess water then transforms it into a captivating indigo shade. For a richer hue, the process is repeated until the desired depth of color is achieved. The final step involves a thorough rinse until the water runs clear. Once air-dried, the result is a stunning indigo-dyed cotton displaying beautiful shades of blue.

A Pattern originated from Love and Care

          The handkerchiefs, woven from naturally-dyed indigo yarn by artisinal weavers of Ban Nong Lat Noi, Sakon Nakhon, radiate a unique beauty through distinct interlocking patterns known as Slide. This indigineous design was created by a talented weaver, Mae Teing (Mrs. Phian Maskao), about 30 years ago during her early experiments with new weaving techniques.

    Beyond the sheer joy of these women coming together, spending their free time, and applying the local wisdom while dedicating themselves to weaving and making each and every piece valuable, the Kramsakon handkerchiefs of Sakon Nhakon embodies more. They go beyond creating smiles and spreading joy—they contribute to the prosperity of the local community, ensuring a brighter future for the children and their families. Each piece of woven indigo cloth means that today, the farmers who plant indigo trees, the artisans who make indigo dyes, and the weavers who braid the fabrics would all have income. These handkerchiefs are not just pieces of fabric but a truly sustainable source of empowerment, an epitome of Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group’s commitment to create enduring value across all sectors and foster sustainability in every facet of our business journey.

Community and Social Development

Community and Social Development   

We believe that everyone has the potential to be extraordinary and should have equal access to opportunities.  We, therefore, highly focus on enhancing abilities and skills of workers and offering new career opportunities to create sustainable careers and community.